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Welcome to Silicon Valley!​

June 28th!

We'll be in Palo Alto, California to interview Steve Jobs, who will talk us through the setup of the latest iPhone and share with us his vision of "the next big thing." Then we'll cross the continent and visit Elmira, New York where we'll get Mark Twain's perspective on life in today's world. The following day we'll drive over to Jamestown, New York to interview Lucille Ball as part of our "I Love Lucy" cast reunion episode!

Across the "Pond" to France!

September 7th!


We'll arrive in Salon-de-Provence, France where we will finally get some new predictions from Nostradamus, including his pick for the next presidential election. The following day we'll fly to London to interview Sigmund Freud who will analyze our host's offbeat dreams. Two days later, it's all the way back to Los Angeles for a meeting in Inglewood with Robert Kardashian, who will discuss for the very first time his views on his daughters and their "stepmom" Caitlyn Jenner!

Over My Dead Body Logo
Over My Dead Body Logo

Heading to Brooklyn, New York!

October 31st!


We'll be in Brooklyn, New York to interview screen legend Mae West, who will discuss her rise to stardom and offer beauty tips to our viewers. The following day we'll be in Cathedral City, California to interview Frank Sinatra and his mother, Dolly, as part of our episode featuring members of "The Rat Pack." And still the following day, we'll be in Montecito, California to make Bananas Foster with Julia Child!

"You never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory."  - Emily Dickinson
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