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Over My Dead Body is the ultimate talk show featuring the most interesting and compelling people who ever lived.  The fact that our guests are dead is a mere technicality. It doesn't stop them from wanting to share with viewers their opinions of the past and give us their take on current events.

Sir Winston Churchill once said, “The farther we look into the past, the farther we see into the future.”  Taking Mr. Churchill’s sentiment to heart, Over My Dead Body will educate, entertain and illuminate present and future generations...for all of eternity.  Unlike every other show in television history, our guests never get older, never go out of style, and never leave to host a talk show of their own!

Were it not for the worldwide web, we don’t believe such a show would be possible. But thanks to innovators such as Steve Jobs (he's featured in our third episode), we bring to you the very best of the best...we learn to cook (on a George Forman grill, no less) from Julia Child; Sigmund Freud analyzes our dreams; we play Wordle with e.e. cummings; Fred Rogers helps our children to face their everyday fears; Walter Cronkite teaches viewers how to spot "fake news;" Steve Jobs helps us set up the latest iPhone; George Steinbrenner assists us in making draft picks; Betsy Ross teaches us quilting; Siskel & Ebert offer periodic movie reviews; we even pitch our movie ideas to Jack Warner!

As thoroughly researched and produced as a "60 Minutes" interview, Over My Dead Body is he most interesting talk show on television with, hands down, the most compelling guests!


In addition to individual interviews, we'll feature cast reunions from classic motion pictures and television shows, including:

“I Love Lucy”
“The Honeymooners”
“Gilligan’s Island”


“The Wizard of Oz”


“It’s a Wonderful Life”

We'll also meet:

The Rat Pack

The 1962 World Series Champion Yankees

The Black Sheep Squadron

The Watergate Conspirators

Presidents & Heads of State

Authors & Poets

Inventors & Scientists

Musicians & Singers

Actors & Athletes

Painters & Fashion Designers

Each episode of Over My Dead Body runs about 20 minutes and features a guest who not only addresses topics brought up by our host, but also answers questions from viewers. Catherine the Great and Mae West offer tips on sex and beauty; Napoleon and General Norman Schwartzkopf give their thoughts on battling terrorists; Jack Benny coaches us in comedy; Leonardo da Vinci discusses his relationship with the model for the Mona Lisa; Johnnie Cochran offers legal advice on high-profile cases currently before the courts; Danny Thomas shares his famous “Jack Story”; Robert Kardashian lets us know how he really feels about his famous daughters and their "stepfather," Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner; and Sim Kinison gives us a first-hand report from hell.


There will be rare video clips displayed on each episode, lots of music, and a variety of guest hosts.


Thanks to modern technology, Over My Dead Body uses a sophisticated device pioneered in Silicon Valley which attaches to a person’s headstone and allows us to clearly and easily communicate with our guests.


“People die only when we forget them.  If you can remember me,
I will be with you always.”
- Isabel Allende
"The past isn't over.  It's not even the past."  - William Faulkner
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