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Over My Dead Body

Executive Producer:

Steven Kunes


Marty Krzywonos

S. Morgan Stern (West Coast)


Marty Krzywonos

Tim Millaway

Steven Kunes


Steven Kunes

Matthew Fahey

Erica Slote



Marty Krzywonos (Robert Kardashian pilot)

Bill McLaughlin (Nostradamus)

Marty Krzywonos (Steve Jobs)

Nikki Gold (Mae West)

George Fear (Richard Nixon)

Kristen Spangenberg (Julia Child)

Melissa Robbins (Tupac Shakur)

Marty Krzywonos (Phyllis Diller)

Steven Kunes (Mark Twain)

Steven Kunes (Howard Cosell)


Sachne Kunis (Robert Kardashian)

Marty Krzywonos (Nostradamus)

Steve J. Clarkson (Steve Jobs)

Patricia Gayles (Mae West)

Frank Gerard (Richard Nixon)

Tricia Brioux (Julia Child)

Toochukwu Anyachonkeya (Tupac Shakur)

Aimee Gironimi (Phyllis Diller)

Frank Gerard (Mark Twain)

Frank Gerard (Howard Cosell)



Over My Dead Body is the ultimate talk show featuring the most interesting and compelling people who ever lived.  The fact that our guests are dead is a mere technicality. It doesn't stop them from sharing their past adventures and giving us their take on current events.  Sir Winston Churchill said, “The farther we look into the past, the farther we see into the future.”  Taking Mr. Churchill’s sentiment to heart, Over My Dead Body will educate, entertain and illuminate present and future generations for all of eternity.  Unlike every other talk show, our guests never get older, never go out of style, and never leave to host a show of their own!

Upcoming Guests

Robert Kardashian

Pilot Episode

Our pilot episode features Robert Kardashian who shares his thoughts about O.J. Simpson, his kids and their "stepmom," Caitlyn Jenner.


Episode 2

Our second episode features Nostradamus who lets us know what will happen with the next presidential election, from his grave in Salon de-Provence, France.

Steve Jobs
Episode 3

Our third episode features Steve Jobs -- now that he has a little more time on his hands. He personally assists our viewers with tech support questions for the latest iPhone.

Mae West

Episode 4

Screen legend and Hollywood sex symbol Mae West discusses her rise to fame, today's movie stars, and even offers beauty tips. An OMDB.TV exclusive interview!

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